2018 CTEC Year End Summary

CTEC officially opened on August 8, 2018.  EBR Counselors, Asst Principals and Principals at the feeder schools worked with the CTEC administration to arrange schedules and transportation for the first inaugural class. CTEC currently has 112 students enrolled in the 10 program areas; the largest two programs are Pre-LPN and IT.  The third largest enrollment is in the automotive program.

With the close of the first semester, students in the construction crafts and manufacturing areas have finished their NCCER "core" studies and have taken their first IBC's.  HVAC and IT students have been practicing and will take their HVAC Excellence EPA exam and their COMPTiA IT fundamentals when they return in January.  The medical students have completed their dual enrolled courses of Introduction to Occupation Health, Medical Terminology and Anatomy and Physiology.  Programming students have been learning C++ and Java basics and have taken their midterm exams.  

Ongoing meetings with our BRCC and FranU partners center around dual enrollment and curriculum meetings.  Burke Jones, BRCC, and Daphne Hughes Alex, Director, have been assisting students with their dual enrolled courses and working to ensure instructors are all qualified and approved for post secondary courses.  For the spring, new dual enrolled courses include Psychology for medical students and Industrial Safety for manufacturing students.

The CTEC administration hosted two Program Advisory committee meetings, one in January and one in March. Throughout the Spring, committee members provided input into curriculums, interviewed potential students and donated equipment and supplies to CTEC.  Committee members have also provided letters of support for the CTEC program accreditations and potential grants. 

Marketing & Recruitment

In order to increase awareness and worked to overcome the misconceptions of career and 
technical fields, the CTEC faculty, staff and administrators have been actively marketing the opportunities at CTEC to the feeder high schools’ administration, faculty and students and the general public. Summer Dann, Executive Director and Ben Necaise, Associate Superintendent of EBR Schools, spoke to several news organizations and radio stations about the programs of study and opportunities with CTEC:  Tech Gumbo & Clarence Buggs Show, Channel 9 WAFB, the Advocate, & Channel 33 WBRZ.  During the months of November & December, Chad Aucoin, Academic Dean, Daphne Hughes-Alex, Director & the CTEC Instructors hosted informational sessions and hands on demos for 10th graders at Glen Oaks HS, Tara HS, Broadmoor Senior HS, McKinley HS, Istrouma HS & Belaire HS.  Some other events, with instructors who participated noted in parenthesis, include: 
  • Glasgow Middle School: 8th grade students & Parents' night (Josh Arnold, Gentri Williams)
  • Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Pelican Chapter “Build Your Future Expo, “  regional (Jeff Maruschak, Yolanda Simmons, & Bruce Williams)  
  • Manufacturing & Construction Crafts to CTE classes at Scottlandville Magnet High school (Gentri Williams, Jeff Maruschak, & Debra Taylor)
The CTEC team hosted numerous meetings and tours for our community partners and stakeholders.  Overall the community has responded overwhelmingly positive and supportive of CTEC.  Many have stated that the programs and courses of study will meet their current and upcoming workforce shortages.  A list of the meetings and tours are below:
  • BRAC sponsored: Ambassadors Meeting, Team members & Board Members,  Leadership Class 2018, & the Technology Executives Quarterly Meeting
  • LDOE; Regional Jumpstart Board Meeting
  • Rotary Club of Baton Rouge offsite meeting
  • LA Workforce Commission Tour & Meeting
  • Ochsner Medical, NOLA
  • National Integrated Cyber Education Research visit & Tour
  • HOSA Chapter Representatives
  • Ford Motor Company, Internship Opportunities & Trainings (Ron Parrish)
  • Greater Baton Rouge Industrial Alliance Plant Manager’s Quarterly Meeting
  • SSA Consultants Tour
  • Big Buddy Program
  • American Institute of Architects Meeting
  • City of Baton Rouge
  • Louisiana Representative Steve Carter visit & Tour
  • Baton Rouge Area Foundation Tour
  • GEN Ready, EBR Foundation & CS4All meetings
The Executive Director, Director & Academic Dean attended numerous offsite meetings with community partners and sponsors to ensure that projects, curriculum and activities of CTEC meet our stakeholders workforce needs (list below).  Several of the CTEC instructors also attended; they are indicated by parenthesis:
  • BRAC EWIC Meetings
  • Tiny House Seminar (Yolanda Simmons)
  • Baton Rouge Entrepreneurs Week meeting
  • Southeastern University Department of Industrial Technology, dual enrollment meeting & tour 
  • HOSA Regional Conference (Sharon Fontentot & Bob Brankline)
  • Cyber Security Awareness Luncheon Meeting (Josh Arnold)
  • Franciscans Missionaries OLOL, dual enrollment meeting
  • Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Partners Breakfast 
  • LaSTEM Statewide Summit
  • North Baton Rouge Training Initiative, BRCC & Exxon Partners Breakfast
  • Industry of Faith Job Fair (Debra Taylor)
On Campus Events

CTEC faculty, staff and administration hosted several large events on campus open to the public and area schools.  Over 600 people attending these 3 events:
  • Grand Opening Event and Ribbon cutting with Lincoln Builders, Domaine Architecture, the EBR School Board members, representative Steve Carter, CSRS and other stakeholders
  • Capital Area Promise Press Conference with the Sharon Weston-Broome ,BR Mayor, F. King Alexander, President of LSU, Dr. Larissa Littleton-Steib, Chancellor of  BRCC, VP of Southern and Superintendent Mr. Warren Drake
  • Career & Tech Day for high schoolers: This pilot program included 10 community partners talking about careers for 10 area high schools.  Students in the 10th and the 11th grade visited classrooms to learn about the possibilities and requirements for the CTE careers at CTEC. 
Thank you!

CTEC would not be possible with out all of the support from our business, industry and medical partners in the community.  Several of them have donated equipment, supplies, given presentations and participated inner advisory committee meetings.   We thank you for all the support throughout 2018!

A special thanks to the EBR janitorial, kitchen and marketing staff for making these events smooth. These are not the typical events for an EBR school so adjustments to schedules and extra care was taken by these members. 

Advisory Committee Meeting 2019

The next CTEC Program Advisory meeting will be Wednesday, January 16 at 8am at CTEC.  Emails will be sent to the community partners with the sign top link.  Discussions will be on the next steps for NCCER; HVAC excellence accreditation, HOSA Regional Conference, the IT Hack-A-Thon and more. Please RSVP at the following link: https://doodle.com/poll/6fwbgqgbgvatstrc

For more in depth information of our 2018 events, check our our Facebook, Twitter or other blogs.  

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 


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