Christmas Break HVAC Service Project

Over the Christmas break, two of our HVACR students accompanied me to serve with the Cajun Navy on a project to help an elderly Veteran couple, @getavethome.  This couple has been displaced from their home since the great flood of 2016.  Our students helped prepare their home for occupancy.

Lutfi A. of Broadmoor High School and Sean M. of Glen Oaks High School installed two runs of A/C ducts, one into the main bathroom and another drop into the kitchen area.  These two additions help ensure more adequate cooling/heating and sufficient air circulation into these areas. The students also pulled new thermostat wiring to outside unit for the cool signal and installed a new digital thermostat.  They enlarged the return air intake filter grill for maximum efficiency. Finally the students performed a start up of the system, tested both the heat/cool modes for proper operation and performed a safety check prior to occupation.

Both students will receive 50 bonus points for each day that they spent on task at the jobsite.  CTEC students are encouraged to participate in service opportunities not only to enhance their skills but also to become aware of opportunities to serve the Baton Rouge community.

Written by Jeff Maruschak, HVACR instructor


  1. Well done! This is and outstanding example of community service! I'm so proud of these students and their instructor.


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